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'Hello there,  Feel free to contact me for a free initial appointment. This really allows us the chance to get to know each other before any agreement is made.. I look forward to hearing from you '

I have an integrative model and use the seven eyed model of supervision. I will explore the client, the supervisee and the relationships that exist, including the supervisory relationship. As well as how this links to the BACP, theory and all other business. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee is a very important one as the role of the counsellor is very important, therefore having a good supervisory relationship is so important for all concerned. Feel free to contact me for a short conversation first to see if this is the right fit for both of us. reduced fees are available for counselling students. I also provide group supervision. 
If you are a company looking for supervision in the workplace feel free to contact me and include what it is that you require. 
Roles and responsibilities


Preparing for sessions and having objectives in mind

Being open to feedback

Giving feedback

Asking for needs.

Developing a non-defensive attitude to exploring issues

Honesty within the client work

Highlighting your thoughts and feelings around the supervisory relationship

Working with the ethical framework

Respect boundaries


The needs of the client will be addressed within using the ethical framework, laws, safety in mind in an non discriminatory manner.

Ensure time is managed to the needs of the supervisee requirements

My model is integrative and that is the theoretic approach supervision will be held.

Ensure boundaries are maintained between client, supervisee and supervisor and respect them.

Provide a facilitative relationship

Provide feedback which is constructive and balanced.

 Welcome feedback from the supervisee and have a non-defensive attitude towards this.

Honesty and transparency within the work.

To met the BACP requirements of discussing the ethical framework no less than once per year.

To provide reviews  

I provide supervision for a minimum of 1 hour per month to fit inline with the ethical framework. 

£65 for 1 hour  
£90 for 1.5 hours 


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