£50 for 1 hour per month 

£75 for 1.5 hours per month 

£100 for 2 hours per month 

Roles and responsibilities


  • Preparing for sessions and having objectives in mind

  • Being open to feedback

  • Giving feedback

  • Asking for needs.

  • Developing a non-defensive attitude to exploring issues

  • Honesty within the client work

  • Highlighting your thoughts and feelings around the supervisory relationship

  • Working with the ethical framework

  • Respect boundaries


  • The needs of the client will be addressed within using the ethical framework, laws, safety in mind in an non discriminatory manner.

  • Ensure time is managed to the needs of the supervisee requirements

  • My model is integrative and that is the theoretic approach supervision will be held.

  • Ensure boundaries are maintained between client, supervisee and supervisor and respect them.

  • Provide a facilitative relationship

  • Provide feedback which is constructive and balanced.

  •  Welcome feedback from the supervisee and have a non-defensive attitude towards this.

  • Honesty and transparency within the work.

  • To met the BACP requirements of discussing the ethical framework no less than once per year.

  • To provide reviews  

I provide supervision for a minimum of 1 hour per month to fit inline with the ethical framework. 

'I don't think any of us are super heroes but sometimes it's being asked questions to think about what's beyond a persons wall (defence mechanisms) as to what might be going on? '